Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden"  and "A Year In My Rose Garden Journal" by Teresa Mosher

Review by: Linda Yuele, Former Methuen Garden Club President


"Teresa's 'A Year in my Rose Garden' is full of helpful gardening tips that can be used in any garden,  not just a rose garden. There are gorgeous pictures and many suggestions for roses that are northern hardy. It is a book for novice to master gardeners! 

The supplemental Journal is the perfect format and layout to document all the plants in each of your beds and for making any special notes. I am finally going to consolidate all the notes and bed layouts from the last 18 years into my new Journal."

Book:  "A Year In My Rose Garden", by Teresa Mosher

Review by: Mary E. MacDonald, M.A. Founding Director/Owner, MaryMac Missions LLC
Championing Dementia-Caregiver Health & Wheelchair-Accessible Gardens

Beautiful book ~ Teresa and Andy!  I love the layout, the color photos, the quotes, and the month-to-month information.  For a beginner rosarian, this should be required reading.

Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by: George A. Doorakian, American Rose Society Master Rosarian Emeritus, Yankee District, Massachusetts


"This new book, in the world of Roses, “A Year In My Rose Garden” is the first of many to follow from a new, very talented Author, Teresa Mosher.  As you read this book of 118 pages, many in color, the Author is very passionate of purple flowers of any genera but especially of Roses.  The glossy front and back cover, depict the stunning Rose Cultivar, “Blueberry Hill”.  Also, Teresa is a Master Landscape and Design Consultant, Horticultural Judge and Consulting Rosarian with the American Rose Society.

The Author takes the reader on a beautiful crafted calendar tour of her Northeast Massachusetts Garden on a month to month basis, explaining what rose culture requirements are necessary per month.  This monthly advice is especially valuable for beginners and experienced growers alike.  Illustrated with wonderful color images of several rose cultivars.  There is a helpful glossary of rose terms and index to help you find answers fast.  The material is very understandable for those new to roses as well as people already involved in the Rose World.

As you read this book, I recommend from time to time, that you close your eyes, and your imagination will detect the scent of her purple roses.

Go to and order your book….It is a great read!"

Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by:  Edna Charest, Lifetime Gardener ( over 70 years)

Throw away all those notes and magazines telling you when to do what and why.
All you need is "A Year In My Rose Garden" 

Each month I open the book to  the upcoming month and it tells me all I want to know and how to do it.  It's in simple language and gives some useful time and money saving tips.  I call it my gardening Bible. I wouldn't be without it!

Book Reviews

Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by:   Irwin Ehrenreich, Master Rosarian, Master Gardener, Owner of The Rose Man ( rose care service on Cape Cod and Cindy Ehrenreich, Consulting Rosarian, Rose Photographer, Owner of The Rose Man.


A Year in My Rose Garden is a straight forward, easy to read book for those new to rose growing and for the experienced rose grower to enjoy.

From the beautiful rose photos (and we love the cover photo) to the monthly advice it was a fun read. Lists of favorite roses, rose catalogs, rose websites, and famous quotes about roses fill the book.

Read each month’s entry during that month or read the whole book all at once. Either way you will enjoy it.



Book: A Year In My Rose Garden and A Year In My Rose Garden Journal by Teresa Mosher

Review by: Pat Shanley, President American Rose Society, Chairman AGRS, Chairman GROW East

I have greatly enjoyed "A Year in My Rose Garden"  - both the book and the Journal.  The book is a month by month journey through the rose garden that allows the reader to see and enjoy Teresa's garden  with her and to learn and/or be reminded of what should be done each month to keep the garden beautiful.

The Journal is exactly what I have been looking for in terms of keeping good records on my garden from year to year.  I drew all the areas of my garden and listed the varieties planted in each.  And noted which roses did well and which will make room for new varieties next year!  It is the perfect companion to anyone who loves roses and their garden!

 Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by:  Harry J. Eudenbach, Author of "Estate Gardeners of Newport".


Year In My Rose Garden is a must have addition to every gardener's book collection.
Teresa Mosher has a contagious writing style that draws the reader in and immediately puts them at ease with her " Keep it Simple " motto with regard to growing roses.

Whether it is the beautiful photographs of the many roses from Teresa's garden, or the easy to understand month by month rose care instructions, this book will inspire and guide all aspiring gardeners to success with growing roses.  The book is also a very valuable go too reference source for rose care and terminology.

Book​:  "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by: Pam Murphy

I have to say that I have been trying to grow roses for many, many years with very little success.
Roses have always been an annual plant for me until… 
                “A Year In My Rose Garden”
The month by month information and tips have given me the tools to grow, I am happy to report, a beautiful and vibrant rose garden.

Book:  "A Year In My Rose Garden"  and "A Year In My Rose Garden Journal"  by Teresa Mosher

Review by:  John Mattia, Master Rosarian, American Rose Society Judge, grower and exhibitor of roses for over 50 years.


Teresa, your book “A Year in the Rose  Garden” and its companion Rose Garden Journal is a one-two compendium of rose knowledge than can be a help to every rosarian. They were well thought out and they lay out a year round plan for any rose gardener. The "Year in My Garden" is an easy-to-read and cogent presentation of the 12 months of growing roses that includes a bevy of information on rose care including for what rosarians can do during that rose dreaming term between late fall and early spring.  Its companion rose Rose Journal is the neatest publication I have seen to keep records on what going on in one's garden. The two books are ideal for all rose gardeners.

Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden" and "A Year In My Rose Garden Journal" by Teresa Mosher 

Review by: Marlene Norton, New England Rose Society Lifetime member and Secretary

Teresa’s book is easy to read, guaranteed to help you dig into rose gardening whether you are a novice or experienced. Her book is a

compilation of what to do month by month with helpful guidelines. Her motto is “keep it simple” thus encouraging the reader in gardening.

It’s complete with useful steps into the planning-feeding-pruning-winterizing and more.

Her companion 
 “A Year in My Rose Garden Journal” shows how to do spreadsheets on roses, breaks down rose terminology and lists rose

classes and companion flowers or plants and more . A valuable asset is Six Easy Steps to Planting Container Easy Roses!
Teresa has written the book with her love of roses. It is as if you are in the garden with her!

Book: "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by:  Jim Wagner, American Rose Society Master Rosarian with 50 years of growing roses, MA, NH and NY.

When I purchased Teresa Mosher’s two books at the 2016 Yankee District Winter Convention last spring, I briefly scanned them but set them aside until this fall for a detailed review.

I decided to first look at the spiral bound “A Year in my Rose Garden Journal”. With almost 90 pages of 
graph and lined pages, it’s a good book to consolidate gardening information that may have been somewhat disorganized or just in one’s memory. 

The first several pages of “Flower Bed Layout” section can be used to develop a broad overview of one’s gardens and overall spacing needs. The “Flower Bed Plans” section is where a gardener can go into more detail on each planting. A section is also available to make notes throughout the season. There are several spreadsheets to summarize detailed information on each rose or perennial including its name, color, type, amount, location, scent, and year planted.

The majority of “A Year in My Rose Garden” book is devoted to 12 monthly chapters in which the author discusses what she does in her gardens throughout the year using an easy to read format.  The rest of this book includes Teresa’s favorite readings, a listing of several varieties of roses and companion plantings, and definitions of rose terminology.

For the first half of the year, one may start with organizing information in their “Journal”, attending nearby flower shows and local rose society conventions, proper spring care leading up to the 
long-awaited June blooms to share at rose competitions and with others that may enjoy receiving some cut roses.  

For the second half of the year, the author explains the need for good summer care resulting in some of 
the most gorgeous blooms of the year during late summer and early autumn to enjoy and share. There is also information about the gradual transition to pre-winter care to the final winter protection that, depending on one’s cold weather tolerance, is often completed by mid-November. The December entry features holiday decorating including thoughts of roses on her mind.

Book:  "A Year In My Rose Garden" and "A Year In My Rose Garden Journal" by Teresa Mosher.

Review by:  Jean DiVincenzo, Owner of Gardening Unlimited.


I have purchased many copies of Teresa Mosher's gardening book "A Year in My Rose Garden"  and her journal "A Year in My Rose Garden Journal".  They are both unique in the vast array of rose gardening books; these stand out as wonderful guides for both the novice and the expert. 

Teresa's whole presentation is outstanding with her advice and wonderful pictures.  Her journal is a boon to any gardener, rose or otherwise.  I have given both of these books to my gardening clients and they absolutely adore them.  It is a pleasant read: to relax with, plan or expand your knowledge.  I highly recommend them both.


Book:  "A Year In My Rose Garden" by Teresa Mosher

Review by:  David Candler, American Ros Society Master Rosarian and ARS Horticultural Judge.


Teresa has done an excellent job of concisely presenting the steps needed to successful rose growing in New England. This book lays out the year, month by month, emphasizing the key points you will need to grow roses well, quickly. But not only that, she makes the discussion personal and from the heart. It is not just a list of tasks, or for that matter a description of considerations. Those are certainly included, but they are developed in a family-oriented style. From how she became interested in rose growing to the impact her rose success has had on her loved-ones, she opens up and shares from her heart.

Are you not blessed with unlimited time? A very important feature of this manual is its brevity. Teresa has clearly gone to great effort to keep the size of this book to the scope needed for the New England climate. There is no intent not pretense to make it serve (as a horticultural book) all audiences. Although everyone will enjoy her personal elements, the meat is certainly regional. Thus, local folk will read it through, and not have to sort out material which is not applicable!

If you are into roses and live in New England, this book is for you. If you are fairly new to roses, and have limited time to focus on just roses, then this book is definitely what you need to get started and succeed in your first year.