As a rose gardener for over 35 years, I’ve been asked many times to write a book about my experiences involving roses.  Over the past few years as President of the New England Rose Society, a Consulting Rosarian and Rose Horticulture Judge, I had the chance to meet so many interesting people and heard so many great stories that I couldn’t put off writing any longer.

Two years ago, I began to write How Roses Touch Our Lives.  I set out interviewing friends and colleagues, on how they began growing roses and their journey, gathered photos and before I knew it, I was on my way.  

During this process I wrote A Year in My Rose Garden, my personal journey and what I have learned and do each month in my garden.  It’s filled with very helpful rose caring information, photos, information on ordering roses, a list of tools and supplies, my favorite books to read, rose terms, my favorite roses and much more.

A Year in My Rose Garden Journal is the Journal I use in my garden.  It’s designed for adding information about your flower beds, roses, perennials, containers, pots, boxes, projects, tools and products.   Rose classes, six easy steps for planting container grown roses, rose terms, my favorite roses to grow and rose companions are all at the back of my Journal.  Also included are the spreadsheets I use to keep track of all my roses and perennials.

It’s important that people learn about growing roses and enjoying their journey along the way.

I feel no matter what level of the learning curve you’re on, if you start each day with an open heart, you will end each day learning something!

Enjoy your Roses!